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Breast MassageDid you know that massaging your breasts is one of the most important routines of a woman’s day?

Our lymphatic system is responsible for keeping our body’s tissues clean and healthy and for producing the cells that kill off bacteria, viruses and cancer cells in our body, i.e. our immune system.  The lymphatic fluid that flows through our body to do this work is moved in three ways; respiration, muscle movement and manual manipulation.  Without this movement, the fluid becomes stagnant and the tissue it permeates (fascia) becomes thicker and more uncomfortable, or dis-eased.

This fascial membrane is continuous throughout our bodies, and compression or congestion in one area affects the whole, causing aches, pains and swelling.

Exercise is vitally important in moving this fluid.  When we exercise, our muscles move, our breathing rate increases, and the lymph fluid is pumped around all body parts – except the breast!

The increase in flow to the breast is minimal as the breast tissue has no muscle.  It lies atop the pectoral muscle in the chest.  Add to that the fact that most women constantly restrict this area with a bra and it is easy to understand why breasts become painful and problematic.

Manual manipulation is the only effective way to ensure fluid movement throughout the breast tissue.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage, performed before breast massage, ensures that the lymph fluid from the breast has a pathway in which to drain.

Regular breast massage helps to keep tissue healthy and pain-free.


An essential component of a modern, comprehensive medical treatment plan, post-mastectomy massage offers life-changing pain relief and healing for patients who are recovering from breast cancer, mastectomy, lumpectomy, and other painful breast surgeries. Through therapeutic massage, we can work to relieve your pain, improve your range of motion and help you overcome the physical and mental obstacles to feeling like yourself again.


Developed by Sally Spurgeon, The Spurgeon Method® is approved and endorsed by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. Bringing her professional perspective as a massage therapist to her own personal battle with breast cancer, Sally was inspired to create this groundbreaking hands-on approach to recovery that combines massage, bodywork and lymphatic drainage techniques to aid in healing — both physically and mentally.

Massage Therapists can sign up for this training on our classes page.

Thérapie specializes in breast massage, in Las Vegas, NV, for breast health and for issues that arise following breast surgery. Call today to make an appointment and discover how good healthy breasts can feel!


The Spurgeon Method® is an integral part of the Ayurvedic Breast Massage offered at The Chopra Center in Carlsbad, CA.  Read more here

Our thanks to Barbara Helynn Heard for her research into the legalities of breast massage in the US.

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