Yoshi Nozaki is Back in Las Vegas!

Yoshi joined the Thérapie team shortly after we opened and left for adventures in Arizona, California and New Mexico. We are delighted to welcome him back.

Apart from his skill with Shiatsu and his own method of Meditative Meridian Swedish Massage, Yoshi has developed his Reflexology technique, based on a combination of Taiwanese and Japanese methods.  This technique is beneficial for the whole body while being minimally invasive. You may remain clothed, as the work is done from the feet to above the knees.

Meditative Meridian Swedish (MMS) is a combination of Swedish (more soothing), Deep Tissue (more intense) and Shiatsu (more point specific) . MMS releases blocked energy and restores depleted energy along the Meridian Channels (energy pathways) and Acupoints.  The goal is to provide deep relaxation while, at the same time, alleviating stress, aches and pains. MMS delivers a highly personalized massage for each unique individual.

Yoshi will have appointments available between 2 – 8 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
If you remember Yoshi, do come and say hello again.  He will be delighted to see you!  And for those who knew Yoshi and his wife EJ, from Harmonious Touch, please come by – EJ will be here too!

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