1 year status post bilateral partial mastectomy and over a month of radiation landed me in world of pain, agony & pure frustration. Lymph nodes were removed resulting in swelling of my arm, only added to the multiple aches. I swear I tried what seemed like EVERYTHING. Lymphedema clinics, pain RX, baths in saltwater, compression sleeves, crying, begging, praying. My prayers for relief of pain and the healing began with my appointment at Therapie. Sally has healing hands, which are in high demand. My first breast massage loosened scar tissue and alleviated the pain in my shoulders, neck and chest. I immediately felt better, instantly scheduled my next appointment & left in awe. Second appointment went even better, the congestion in my chest and tension in my spine were subsided by Sally’s touch. I can’t say enough about the treatment I received. If you want relief, normality, and an overall sense of well-being from a true professional, in a facility which is clean, practical & uplifting I suggest you schedule your appointment today.

(Anonymous, 10/27/11)

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