Gift for Healing


I, along with everyone else, was saddened to hear that Sally will be curtailing her hands-on massages. She has a “healing gift”, and I support her decision to teach others because it will only benefit all of her clients in the long run. Over a year ago, I decided to try the other therapists and I am truly glad I did. Each one has a different approach and I now have a rotation of therapists that I use, based upon my needs and their expertise. I urge you to try it because it has worked so well for me. I have been going to Sally since before she opened Therapie and would never, ever think of going somewhere else. Believe me, you will find other therapists at Therapie that are just as good as Sally if you only “keep an open mind” and try them.

(Deborah Harlig, 10/11/12)

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