The Spurgeon Method™ at The Chopra Center

The Spurgeon Method™ at The Chopra Center


Breast health is a vital component on the path to total wellbeing. Ayurveda teaches that in order to maintain a vibrant state of balance, the whole person must be addressed. But in many healing practices, this part of the body is often overlooked.

Breast massage is one of the most effective and nourishing ways to maintain healthy breast tissue and musculature before potential issues arise, and also to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually after life-changing diseases such as breast cancer. Utilizing the proprietary Spurgeon Method™, our Ayurvedic breast massage helps to:

  • Flush toxins through the lymphatic system – When healthy movement of the lymphatic fluid becomes restricted – whether from compromised health, surgeries, restrictive clothing like bras, or even tense posture – toxins can accumulate and lead to disease. Exercise is effective at pumping lymph fluid around every part of the body – except the breast. Breast massage clears the lymphatic channels and ensures any toxins in the breast have a pathway to leave the body.
  • Reduce pain – When lymph fluid accumulates in one area, it affects the whole system, causing potential pain and swelling throughout the body. By opening up the lymph channels, breast massage helps to reduce pain not only in the breast, but the entire body.
  • Improve range of motion – Breast massage includes muscle release techniques to open up the shoulders and chest. In those who have had breast surgeries, this can restore range of motion that has been often severely restricted. This is also extremely beneficial for anyone who regularly sits at a desk, drives in a car, or works at a computer.
  • Increase the flow of Prana – In Ayurveda, Prana is the vital energy that gives life to all beings. When the flow of Prana is restricted, we may experience symptoms such as fatigue, unhappiness, or illness. Breast massage provides the vital function of opening up the flow of Prana in the chest, gently removing energetic blocks around the heart that might otherwise remain unaddressed.

Our female therapists perform the Ayurvedic breast massage, providing a healing touch that is customized specifically for you – taking into account your mind-body type (Dosha), medical history, and personal preferences. They provide a level of draping that feels comfortable for you, and work with you throughout the massage so you can take part in your own healing.

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