Silent Angels

Silent Angels Program

Silent Angels is a program we offer through the G-Alex Foundation. It provides free specialized massage to low-income women who have undergone surgery for breast cancer.

While volunteering at The Caring Place, Sally met several women who had undergone breast surgery years earlier who were still in pain and had limited range-of-motion due to lymphatic congestion, swelling and ‘cording’ of the tendons. She was heartbroken to learn that these women could not obtain the massage which would ease their discomfort and restore a feeling of normalcy. Sally mentioned this to one of her clients who was receiving the specialized massage and the client immediately offered to pay for a session for one of these women.  The idea for Silent Angels was born.

If you would like to donate to this program, use the PayPal donation button below or make checks payable to:
G-Alex Foundation/Silent Angels and mail to:
Therapie, 6819 W Tropicana Ave # 200
Las Vegas, NV 89103-4929

Your support can be life-altering. Thank you.

Donors may receive a tax-deductible receipt from the G-Alex Foundation

If you are a survivor and would like to apply for this program, please download and print this file and mail to G-Alex Foundation or email a request to: and we will be happy to send you an application.