Self-Breast Massage for Lymphatic Drainage

Self-Breast Massage for Lymphatic Drainage

It only takes a few minutes every day to do this simple routine which will promote healthier breast tissue

Start with your hands up near your chest, palms facing you.

1. Place your fingertips in the hollows just above your collarbones (If you shrug your shoulders the area will become evident) and gently traction (pull and stretch) the skin downwards towards the collarbones – 10 – 15 times, or more if the area feels tight or dense (congested) 

2.  Put your left hand behind your head (or up in the air) and with your right hand grasp the area between your armpit and your collarbone (pectoralis muscle), gently squeeze your pectoralis muscle on the left side – again 10 – 15 times, or more if sore or congested

3. Repeat on right side

4. Place hands under breasts and cup them in your hands – this can be done one at a time, or both together, depending on size of breasts – then push upward and inward towards the chest, angled towards the same-side shoulder and release. (Similar motion as when using a breast pump). Repeat 10x

5. Take your left breast in both hands and gently move in all directions, ending by pumping again towards the shoulder. Make sure to move ALL of the breast tissue.

6. Repeat on right side.

7. Finish with a gentle inward pump to both breasts.


It is good practice to get to know the feel of your breasts.  When moving them in all directions, gently palpate with your fingertips.  Try to get into the habit of doing this every day before you get out of the shower – and perhaps apply some botanical Boob Balm as you do it. Pay attention to any areas of soreness or firmness and take note of how those areas change as you do this technique each day. Most issues will resolve, and if not, then you will know to seek medical attention. Keep in mind that most breast issues are benign and that all women will experience cyst formation during menopause which may or may not cause discomfort as part of the normal change (involution) process.

Have fun with this!  We all need to do it daily! J