Client reviews


I can not say enough good things about Therapie! I initially starting coming here after my double mastectomy in 2015 and they did wonders for my healing. A year later I had to have lymph nodes removed from my left side and couldn’t raise my arm higher than shoulder height. After a month of PT, I could still only raise it to just above my head; so I decided to go see Sally. After just ONE massage I was able to raise my arm all the way above my head again. She is amazing! I get a massage every month and always leave feeling fantastic. LOVE Therapie!

(Anonymous, 12/20/16)

Jen Glenn has an amazing touch it baffles me how someone can have such a soft gentile touch yet penetrate so deep in the areas that need it. I left feeling anew. Highly recommend to anyone who needs to relax. As a mother I often find myself unappreciated The best way for me to refuel and be everything for my family is to let someone appreciate me and Jen does exactly that when you are with her no one else exists for that hour its you and your needs being met to heal and rejuvenate. Simply put she’s amazing and I felt amazing when I left her. Thank you Jen!!!!!!!

(Anonymous, 1/17/16)

I am a breast cancer survivor. I had a double mastectomy March 2015, with breast tissue expanders (painful experience for me). I had implants in October 2015. Finally is October 2016 I am becoming pain free. Sally and Jen have been fantastic in releasing the tension and pain in my breast area, shoulders and neck. I am no longer, in the back of my mind, considering having the implants removed. I feel my energy returning as the discomfort/pain disappears. Thank you so much.

(Anonymous, 11/3/16)

I can move again without as much pain! I am a 2 year Breast cancer survivor, double mastectomy with implants. In the last year I have been having pain around my breast area, at times extreme pain. Could no longer lift my right arm straight above my head or behind me. Could only sleep or lay on my left side. Went to see Sally. She massaged and worked my muscles. When I stood up, I could lift my arm again, put it behind me, and so happy to say I have been sleeping on any side I want! How amazing!!! Can’t wait to go back. Looking forward to being pain free from Breast Cancer surgery! Sally you are amazing!

(Colleen F., 9/30/16)

At the recommendation of the brilliant Dr.Julio Garcia, I scheduled therapeutic, lymphatic massage sessions at Therapie with Michelle.The resulting comfort and increase in healing has been amazing.I am so grateful for the purposeful expertise of this business and for Michelle. Michelle has a wealth of knowledge, loves what she does, cares about her client and is extremely gifted in what she does. It’s amazing what can be accomplished with people who are truly experts in their field.

(Cheryl L., 8/25/16)

I came to see Sally two weeks after my open heart surgery. She was able to work with various parts of my body, using different techniques to address issues that I have as a result of such a traumatic event to my body. I felt great after the 80 minute session. I look forward to my next session. It’s definitely a valuable part of my healing regiment!

(Martin M., 8/23/16)

I thoroughly enjoyed my massage with Jenni! I asked for a relaxing massage and she delivered 100%. The atmosphere at Therapie and her technique were both perfect!

(Barbara M., 8/23/16)

My first sessions with Michelle was amazing! She understood my issues, educated me, and had a game plan on my therapy sessions! I look forward in my treatments! Thank you to Michelle and the staff at Therapie for making my visits a comforting experience!

(Karen W., 6/27/16)

I enjoyed my massage. The facility had a nice relaxing atmosphere – smelled wonderful, and I felt better after my massage. Definitely an enjoyable visit.

(Anonymous, 5/4/16)

Jenni Is great. Very good massage. Love Therapie.

(Bruce M., 4/27/16)

Jennifer is a great. I have used Jennifer for over 2 years now. I highly recommend her. Therapie is wonderful environment for a massage.

(Bruce M., 4/15/16)

I had a wonderful experience – Michelle was excellent! It was probably the most relaxed I’ve been in quite a long time. Thanks so much, Michelle!

(Anonymous, 4/4/16)

My massage today with Jenni was most relaxing and wonderful ! She led me into a state of deep release of physical tension and mental fatigue . I left feeling renewed ,nurtured and cared for . Thank you , Jenni for a remarkable healing session !

(Susan R., 3/31/16)

I will never go anywhere else for a massage!! They are amazing! I see Kaila she is Awesome! Neck, back and head issues and I walk out of there feeling wonderful! I will continue having Therapy! It’s more than a massage. The breast massage helped me because I have fibrocystic disease! I promise you won’t be disappointed! Everyone there is professional and extremely knowledgable! Donna T.

(Anonymous, 3/23/16)

Since I have been getting massages at Therapie, my breasts have not been as sore. I am thrilled with Jenny and all the staff. Everyone is so nice.

(Anonymous, 3/21/16)

Excellent staff. Excellent massage. I always leave Therapie feeling great!

(Nicholas M., 3/18/16)

The staff at Therapie are very professional and courteous. Jenn is a very caring therapist who helped me through a strenuous time after I developed an infection post-op for cancer removal. Thanks to her my reconstruction will not be near as painful. Thanks to you Jenn, Sally and my doctor for recommending you.

(Mary H., 3/18/16)

Jenn is great!!! Her expert hands & use of suction cups really loosened my tightened muscles & allow me much more mobility. Just what I needed & I’m returning again for further work.

(Anonymous, 3/15/16)

Jenn, you did well on my massage thank you very much I can recommend you and your place to others

(Anonymous, 2/18/16)

Thank you Jenn, I can use my right hand again, and I have avoided carpal tunnel surgery. I would recommend this facility and Jenn, very accommodating and relaxing. A joyful experience.

(Preddy W., 12/1/15)

Sally gave a wonderful Therapie Massage. I was very impressed not only with her but her entire process from making the appointment to completing it. She definitely made the experience worthwhile. Not only did she explain everything in detail but was she made it very fun yet professional. I felt so much better afterwards and am extremely thankful to my doctor for recommending her.

(Anonymous, 1/17/15)

My post-mastectomy massage with Sally was everything I’d hoped for. She was able to answer my questions as well as work out the kinks and stiffness I’d been experiencing post-surgery. I highly recommend Therapie for anyone recovering from any kind of breast surgery!

(Shannon S., 11/5/15)

Thank you Sally for my introduction to breast massage. Not only did I notice the difference, I learned a lot during the hour with you. I look forward to the next treatment at Therapies!

(Gail S., 11/2/15)

I had read the reviews and decided to try Therapie. I needed a relaxation massage. I called 1st thing in the morning and was seen by the afternoon. From the moment I called to make the appointment, until the moment I floated out the door I couldn’t have been more pleased. Tamika welcomed me, then helped me decide which service and which therapist would meet my needs. Michele gave me the most wonderful 80 minute massage. The facility was immaculate. The sheets and table were the most comfortable I’ve ever experienced. The environment was peaceful and serene. I highly recommend Therapie. Although, I chose a relaxation massage there are many therapeutic options available.

(Maureen F., 6/1/15)

The spa is very relaxing and clean. I feel calmer just walking in the building. I had a couple sessions with Kaila. The massage was wonderful. She has a great touch and paid attention to my problem spots with perfect pressure. I also received a myofascial treatment from her. She is intuitive and I was very comfortable with her. I was able to unwind and got great results. A tight spot near the top of my shoulder released and still feels looser. Thank you, Kaila.

(Kathryn H., 6/1/15)

I look forward to my weekly massage from Ms. Sally! I was blessed when my daughter purchased a package of massages for me for Christmas in 2013. I continue to go to Therapies for the tender loving care I receive. I leave there feeling whole again and love the team as they all have their specialties! There is no reason to go anywhere else for my Breast massages as The ladies relate to what I’m feeling and fix me uo every time! They are an awesome group and I’m thankful for them every day! Thank y

(Susie L., 1/26/15)

I went to Jennifer today for a massage. I have been going to her for over a year. She got this new cupping machine WOW! The session was absolutely amazing. I left Therapie today in tears, because my muscles, left arm, and right hip felt pliable and soft. I am an RN and a breast cancer survivor. I started going to Jennifer due to lymphedema in my left arm and breast tissue that felt like a board. She has helped me in so many ways. I can continue to work in the hospital as a nurse due to her. Jennifer is an amazing therapist. She is very knowledgeable, professional,and funny. Just when I think she can’t get any better she does. She is always looking for new ways to help her clients and this cupping machine is brilliant. Sheik the front office person is so sweet, professional,and helpful. I feel very blessed to have found Therapie.

(Cheryl L., 10/29/14)

Kaila was very interested in what my problem areas were and she was able to give me immediate results for our 1st appointment. I can’t wait to come back to work on my sports injury problem area. She’s awesome!!

(Anonymous, 10/24/14)

I’ve been seeing Sally Spurgeon for over 24 years but not as consistently as I should be, to my detriment! Sally is the most “Skilled Professional Healer” I’ve ever been to. Not only is Sally’s ‘Therapie’ the best Spa I have ever been to, but she addresses all of your complaints and really works all of those areas in the most Therapeutic Professional way I’ve ever known. Her Professionalism cannot be beat!!!!! She’s kind and extremely caring of my issues and try’s to relax the Mind as well as the Body. Sally Spurgeon and her Staff are the very best at Therapeutic Massage I’ve ever experienced!

(Alana M., 10/12/14)

I had a wonderful Therapie Massage from Toniika. I can’t put in words how much massage has helped me post surgery. It has been very helpful in my recovery. Thank you! I feel fortunate to have found Therapie!

(Cristine C., 10/12/14)

A very calm quiet place. Clean and well kept. The therapist who attended to me knew my trouble spot and fixed it. I was able to get a good nights rest after the massage which I hadn’t had for a few days. Im a little sore but the pain has subsided. Thank you for your help!

(Oscar V., 10/12/14)

Such an Absolutely Wonderful experience from the moment I walked in the door. The beautiful person answering the phone and booking was able to get me in for a massage right away. Michelle, the practitioner was Amazing and Compassionate. The Spa is very warm and inviting, I absolutely recommend this therapeutic Haven to anyone wanting to heal, treat and refresh themselves!

(Anonymous, 10/12/14)

I loved my massage with Toniika. She will definantly be the reason I return. Her massage left me feeling refreshed. All the soreness I had from the gym disappeared once her hands touched me. Thank you so much!!!!

(Anonymous, 9/28/14)

Having been to Therapie a couple of times, I have to say the experience was wonderful. It was easy to make the appointments, they were always on time. The staff was courteous and well informed. Great specials too! I always left there feeling refreshed and also learned a little about treatments and how to stay healthy! I recommend Therapie to all my family and friends- I do not even look at any other massage offers…I will stay with Therapie!

(Anonymous, 7/18/14)

Scheduled an appointment day-of, got in when I needed, and received the professional treatment I wanted.

(Anonymous, 7/17/14)

Sally at Therapie goes above and beyond to explain her services, her method, and her technique so you always feel comfortable and educated about your massage process. The environment at Therapie is clean, comfortable, professional, and welcoming. They offer services tailored to my needs and I felt immediate pain relief after my very first session. I will be returning very soon

(Laura S. 7/17/14)

Best massage and paraffin treatment EVER !! You are so good, and such a gentleman, Vernon. I definitely will be back !!

(Anonymous, 2/25/14)

After reading the article about Sally in a recent issue of Luxury magazine, I decided to try Therapie’s breast massage program to help me after my radiation treatments. During the first session, Toniika managed to loosen my scar significantly, relax my tired shoulder muscles and show me how to do supplemental breast massage at home. Sally handled my second treatment and she found some spots that triggered the most amazing relaxation I’ve ever experienced. Anyone suffering with the after-effects of breast cancer treatments should definitely give this a try. My doctor highly recommends Therapie and I will be continuing my treatment with them for several more weeks as I manage my recovery. I think all the therapists have magic in their hands!

(Judy S., 11/5/13)

Esteban is amazing! He works on spots that you didn’t even realize were tight but after you walk out of there you feel 100% better. It’s so much more than a ‘standard’ massage that you’d get at a spa or chain company. I’ve sent several friends to Therapie, particularly Esteban, and they all loved him as well.

(Anonymous, 3/11/13)

I, along with everyone else, was saddened to hear that Sally will be curtailing her hands-on massages. She has a “healing gift”, and I support her decision to teach others because it will only benefit all of her clients in the long run. Over a year ago, I decided to try the other therapists and I am truly glad I did. Each one has a different approach and I now have a rotation of therapists that I use, based upon my needs and their expertise. I urge you to try it because it has worked so well for me. I have been going to Sally since before she opened Therapie and would never, ever think of going somewhere else. Believe me, you will find other therapists at Therapie that are just as good as Sally if you only “keep an open mind” and try them.

(Deborah Harlig, 10/11/12)

A friend recommended Therapie to me for over a year to help in alleviating shoulder and neck pain that I have experienced for close to a decade. I finally took her advice after I realized that my mobility was being extremely compromised and I would soon have limited use of my left arm. It took me that long to understand I was worth it. After a few sessions with with the therapists at Therapie I have already begun to feel the freedom of movement I had before my injury. For years I have considered massage a luxury but now I think of it as part of a healthy lifestyle.

(Anonymous, 6/18/12)

I love this spa.. Sally is the best. I have had nothing but great service here!!

(Sherisa S., 5/13/12)

Esteban is a truly talented and focused therapist, extraordinarily humble considering his abilities! He worked on specifics in my body which have gone under-addressed with other bodyworkers and for years, using exactly the right amount of pressure and time in exactly exactly where it was most productive for my overall well being. He also does this amazing Aquastretch thing, which speaks for itself – it’s effective!

(Anonymous, 4/27/12)

Therapie is the closest place to heaven on earth I have found! I have seen several of the therapists there & have loved my experience each & every time. Sally & her staff are truly miracle workers. I’m not from Las Vegas but each time I visit, I’m sure to book an appointment because I’ve not been able to find anyone as good as them!

(Anonymous, 3/24/12)

I was referred to Sally folowing bilateral mastectomy with placement of expanders (first step towards reconstruction). I had developed “cording” under my left arm which was very painful. My entire chest was tight & stiff and I was experiencing limited range of motion. After my first session with Sally the improvements were amazing. I felt as though I could breath again!!! My range of motion was much improved and the pain level decreased to a very comfortable level. Sally is very knowledgable and enthusiastic to be able to provide treatments that are so beneficial. She has been a angel with magical hands. I can’t imagine what shape I’d be in if I had not had the fortune of her healing hands. She has truly made this experience much easier to deal with. Thank you so very much Sally!

(Anonymous, 12/28/11)

Today I had my first “breast massage”after a double mastectomy (Nov.) and expanders for immediate reconstruction. Before I went in I had limited mobility and the constant feeling of an elephant sitting on my chest. After the breast massage by Sally the simple task of getting dressed was easier. When I got in the car I noticed improved mobility to drive and the elephant on my chest was obviously taking a break. All I can say is “ahhhh!” Sally blushed when I called her a miracle worker, but Sally is not your traditional massage therapist she is one who is extremely caring, very excited about providing these treatments and thorough in her therapeutic methods. Sally also has a wealth of knowledge in the world of all types of massages. I am looking forward to the next one and I will be recommending her services.

(Bette G.S., 12/24/11)

I have known Sally for many years, and grateful for her healing touch! Extremely professional and gifted, she continues to search for new healing techniques in her practice. I have used Sally for a post breast augmentation “breast massage”. I would highly recommend anyone having this surgery to have at least one professional breast massage about 4 weeks after surgery. It made a huge difference in just one session that my doctor is now recommending it to his patients. She was able to help with stretching the muscle correctly for movement of the arms, also helping with the lymphatic build-up around the breast area. I left understanding more about my body and was able to practice the techniques she applied at home. Thank you again Sally for your amazing talents! SP, Las Vegas, NV

(Sandy P., 12/2/11)


1 year status post bilateral partial mastectomy and over a month of radiation landed me in world of pain, agony & pure frustration. Lymph nodes were removed resulting in swelling of my arm, only added to the multiple aches. I swear I tried what seemed like EVERYTHING. Lymphedema clinics, pain RX, baths in saltwater, compression sleeves, crying, begging, praying. My prayers for relief of pain and the healing began with my appointment at Therapie. Sally has healing hands, which are in high demand. My first breast massage loosened scar tissue and alleviated the pain in my shoulders, neck and chest. I immediately felt better, instantly scheduled my next appointment & left in awe. Second appointment went even better, the congestion in my chest and tension in my spine were subsided by Sally’s touch. I can’t say enough about the treatment I received. If you want relief, normality, and an overall sense of well-being from a true professional, in a facility which is clean, practical & uplifting I suggest you schedule your appointment today.

(Anonymous, 10/27/11)

The first time I came to Sally for her service, I walked in on crutches with a pain level of 8 (1-10, 10 being the worst), and that was after a full week of electrical stimulation from my Chiropractor! After 80 minutes, I walked out of her clinic on my own accord without the use of the crutches and the pain level was 4. After several more sessions, I was completely pain free. Sally is amazing! I highly recommend her to anyone. she’s the best!

Michael Z. 7/11/10

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