Client reviews

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*****  Susan H. on 1/3/2020 – Has improved my quality of life

*****  Mary Jane A. on 1/2/2020 – Best massage ever Becky really knows her stuff and is very passionate about it

*****  Nicole B. on 12/18/2019 – Becky is fantastic!

*****  Doron S. on 12/17/2019 – Service and facility are amazing. Cost is higher than avg but in line with equal quality service

*****  Tony S. on 12/16/2019 – Great work and very friendly staff

*****  Jeanne H. on 12/15/2019 – The entire experience was great. Actually bought a gift certificate for a family member because I wanted to share with them.

*****  Shannon O. on 12/13/2019 – Keirra was very thoughtful and explained what she was doing

*****  Mary V. on 12/12/2019 – I’ve always received terrific caring care from the front desk to the massage specialists. I’ve been singing the praises of Therapie for years!

*****  Heather S. on 12/11/2019 – Because they have the right touch

*****  Sadie C. on 12/9/2019 – Massage was great! And the masseuse was very friendly and professional

*****  Victor A. on 12/8/2019 – I liked my masseuse

*****  Cindy D. on 12/8/2019 –  Michelle is an amazing therapist!!!!

*****  Mary W. on 12/8/2019 – My therapist, Michelle did an OUTSTANDING job . It made a big difference in the way that I had been sleeping @ night as well how I had been feeling. Thks Michelle -Mary W.

*****  Steve J. on 12/5/2019 – Annie is amazing. She is so much more than a massage therapist. She is so knowledgeable and used different techniques when needed . I’ll be a regular weekly client !

*****  Danielle M. on 12/1/2019 – My therapist was patient, informative and made me feel at ease.

*****  Lisha D. on 12/1/2019 – Lovely therapist, great front desk service, nice selection of products and room/facility was nice

*****  Cynthia M. on 11/28/2019 – Because you guys are the best and you care about your clients 💕

*****  Cile C. on 11/28/2019 – Environment was peaceful; staff was welcoming; Annie was excellent

*****  David A. on 11/27/2019 – Every time I came, I always felt relaxed after my massage. Yoshi always did a great job. My aches and pains are gone and able to sleep better at night.

*****   Aria H. on 11/26/2019 – Connie is the best, great techniques and very thorough with health information. Learnt a lot from her. Great conversation, she was very helpful and friendly.

*****   Claude H. on 11/25/2019 – Annie is an amazing therapist. She always listens to my concerns. The fascial stretching she does helps to balance my body.

*****   Christine W. on 11/24/2019 – Excellent treatment- friendly staff

*****   Caryll D. on 11/22/2019 – Therapist very knowledgeable

*****   Jackie J. on 11/18/2019 – Connie Q does it all She knows how to get all the tight spots.

*****  Vicki G. on 11/17/2019 – Michelle is the best!

*****   Lind H. on 11/16/2019 – Lynn was absolutely insightful to my needs. Her medical message addresses issues i never knew could even be approached. I am already after one treatment feeling in places i thought i never would.

*****  Melissa K. on 11/16/2019 – Michelle is the best massage therapist I had over the years. She is professional, knowledge and experienced. I always leave feeling better and so glad I made an appointment. I would highly recommend her.

*****   Billie B. on 11/11/2019 – I love feeling my best after a massage at Therapie!

*****  Sandy M. on 11/11/2019 – Annie was wonderful!! Her expertise made me feel comfortable and her therapy provided some relief with my discomfort. She explained the reason for each treatment.

*****  Lane J. on 11/8/2019 – I am much better after only 4 treatments. I am very grateful for all the work Melissa has done with me.

*****  Elaine C. on 11/4/2019 – It was a great experience and I felt the results as soon as the session ended. The next day i continued to feel improvement and results. So happy!

*****  Araceli M. on 11/1/2019 – Connie is the best! I’ve never been a massage person. But it’s because I didn’t have someone who understood what to work on.

*****  Gracita P. on 10/28/2019 – The therapy works, I’m much feeling better now

*****  Lori G. on 10/26/2019 – Becki was amazing. Really helped me out.

*****  Kelly C. on 10/26/2019 – Michelle is hands down amazing and has improved my life greatly.

*****  Marina W. on 10/23/2019 – Becky is amazing and staff is always kind and attentive

*****  Nicole B. on 10/17/2019 – Michele was wonderful!

*****  Marilyn K. on 10/13/2019 – Because Michelle is awesome! I’ve been going to Michelle for years. Michelle is professional, knowledgeable and so personable. Can’t say enough about all the staff at Therapie

*****  Wynn G. on 10/12/2019 – Connie was wonderful!

*****  Eileen H. on 10/11/2019 – You do good work.

*****  Clarissa G. on 10/11/2019 – Yoshi was great

*****  Diana P. on 10/6/2019 – I was well taken care of. My needs and concerns were addressed. Michelle is a gem.

*****  Jennifer B. on 9/30/2019 – Clean Efficient Knowledgeable Peaceful

*****  Kathy C. on 9/27/2019 – Michelle is a lovely and kind spirit. The ambiance is nice. The birthday credit was appreciated.

*****  Judi D. on 9/26/2019 – Connie is sweet, caring, very helpful, and extremely skillful.

*****  Lynn M. on 9/23/2019 – Annie is amazing! Absolutely the best massage ever. Have already recommended her to friends!

*****  Donna C. on 9/19/2019 – Connie is AMAZING!!! Very skilled and compassionate. Life changing experience with Therapie’😍. My mastectomy scar has improved immensely

*****  Heidi C. on 9/19/2019 – Very professional environment, easy to schedule and an excellent massage.

*****  Natasha S. on 9/17/2019 – Fabulous treatment

*****  Vicki G. on 9/15/2019 – Michelle is the best! Thanks.

*****  Darya R. on 9/15/2019 – Great environment , wonderful experience , relaxing treatment.

*****  Deborah H. on 9/10/2019 – Thoughtful and caring treatment

*****  Sherry H. on 8/30/2019 – Michelle is absolutely wonderful. Beautiful tranquil place. I talk enjoy my sessions there!!

*****  Frances W. on 8/30/2019 – Great customer service, peaceful atmosphere just love the vibe all the way around

*****  Joanne W. on 8/30/2019 – Annie focus on my problem and was very kind. Extremely helpful.

*****   Linda K. on 8/27/2019 – Went to Therapie with severe pain in left breast, result of lymphedema and hardened scar tissue. Michelle massaged and softened appropriate tissue, following the Spurgeon protocol, allowing congested areas to open up. Thank you for helping me. next day I could wear a bra without it hurting. Linda Las Vegas,NV 8/27/19

*****  Jan M. on 8/29/2019 – Receptionist and therapist were warm,knowledgeable, and helpful. Therapist was excellent and took the time to find out my specific needs after cancer treatment. Massage was amazing!

*****  Kenji O. on 8/27/2019 – Really helps the process of my muscle spasms. Everyone is very nice and helpful. Excellent place!

***** Mary R. on 8/27/2019 – Coryne was wonderful! I wish she worked more days.

*****  Barbara S. on 8/27/2019 – Therapie has such amazing and qualified therapists. I would recommend ANY of them….you won’t be disappointed

*****  Cindy D. on 8/26/2019 – My massage therapist Mike was really helpful and he loosened me up a lot. I feel really good today.

*****  Lind H. on 8/24/2019 – Michelle was amazing. I never knew about this service before & her techniques have already changed my quality of living after only 1 session!!!! I can’t wait for the next

*****  Lane J. on 8/23/2019 – Great care and empathy. Really well educated in the work.

*****  Gail S. on 8/22/2019 – Michelle is fantastic

*****  Marina W. on 8/14/2019 – My therapist was amazing

*****  Dylan T. on 8/12/2019 – My legs feel great

*****  Cameal F. on 8/11/2019 – Never ANY COMPLAINTS SERVICE IS AWESOME

*****  Laurie M. on 8/11/2019 – Everyone is so cordial and I love my therapist, Michelle.

*****  Amrayne M. on 8/7/2019 – Annie was AMAZING! The staff was friendly and professional. All around perfect 10.

*****  Rich W. on 8/6/2019 – Annie was kind and listened to my needs and very professional

*****  Cindy L. on 8/3/2019 – Great atmosphere and massage – reasonably priced

*****  Edd L. on 8/2/2019 – Nice people. Great Service

*****  Tanya K. on 8/5/2019 – I’ve already told all my friends and Co workers how amazing my massage was. Annie zeroed in on the areas of my body where I’m experiencing pain and I feel so well today!

*****  Marilyn K. on 8/4/2019 – Because Michelle is awesome. I’ve been going to Therapie for many many years. Sally and Michelle are the best ever. You cannot go wrong. I trust them more than doctors.

*****  Lain M. on 8/3/2019 – Annie manager front desk lady all amazing

***** Jennifer D. on 8/1/2019 – Amazing service.

*****  Judi D. on 7/26/2019 – Connie is very pleasant, professional, and adjusts her treatments to meet my changing needs.

*****  Jordan M. on 7/22/2019 – Great service, Great People, Great Massage.

*****  Betty S. on 7/22/2019 – Michelle always does her best which is great and is always so very very nice!

*****  Sandy M. on 7/17/2019 – Therapist is great and very kind

*****  Courtney S. on 7/16/2019 – Annie helped me save my breastfeeding relationship with my twins after my supply nearly disappeared due to a plugged duct. She was fantastic, very professional, knowledgeable, and informative. I’m beyond grateful.

*****  David G. on 7/16/2019 – Very professional, hot stone massage is the best

*****  Clarissa G. on 7/16/2019 – I thought Yoshi did an amazing job and was open to my needs and communicated how I should stretch daily which would help with pain.

***** Judy P. on 7/15/2019 – My therapist was awesome and very professional. I made another appointment with him..

*****  Heather S. on 7/10/2019 – I always have a positive visit when I come here

*****  Brien W. on 7/8/2019 – Great deep tissue and stretching modalities that help me strengthen and repair my body.

*****  Lisa W. on 7/7/2019 – Michelle is amazing! She makes an uncomfortable situation somehow feel normal and relaxing. Plus she works magic with her hands. Can’t speak highly enough of both Michelle and Therapie.

*****  Roni D. on 7/6/2019 – Love Connie

*****  Inez S. on 7/6/2019 – This was the best decision I’ve ever made; receiving lymphatic massage therapy, post-op. It’s made a world of difference in my body and in my mind. Thank you Connie😘

*****  Mike W. on 7/4/2019 – 10’s the best and Therapie’s the best!

*****  Denees G. on 7/1/2019 – It was a great experience, Michele is a really good therapist.

***** Donna C. on 6/30/2019 – Technique, compassion, great customer service

*****  Katlyn C. on 6/30/2019 – Knowledgeable therapists. Very kind, caring and professional. ❤️

*****  Barbara S. on 6/27/2019 – I have NEVER been disappointed with anyone there for a massage. They are amazing, professional, friendly and knowledgeable, The environment is so peaceful and calming and the experience always reaches or exceeds expectations.

*****  Arlene C. on 6/26/2019 – Knowledgeable massage therapist, helpful staff and lovely surroundings

*****  Alejandra M. on 6/22/2019 – I felt really comfortable and Michelle is wonderful.

*****  Michele F. on 6/15/2019 – Connie was awesome!!!

*****  Aileen O. on 6/12/2019 – Michelle is a miracle worker. All the staff is kind and the atmosphere is beautiful and calming.

*****  Raja H. on 6/8/2019 – You guys were amazing

*****  Teresa S. on 6/6/2019 – you have done a lot to help me to look better and feel better about the scar tissue in my breasts. thank you!

*****  Cindy M. on 6/5/2019 – Although I am sore I am feeling some relief in neck and back for first time in a long time.

*****  Wendy A. on 6/3/2019 – Massage was tailored to my needs

*****  Iris C. on 6/2/2019 – I had a great experience. I’m going back weekly

*****  Tera E. on 6/2/2019 – Michelle is the best! She’s the first massage therapist to ever help my TMJ.

*****  Christina B. on 6/2/2019 – Michael was awesome

*****  Lovely G. on 6/1/2019 – Everyone was so helpful

***** Emilia S. on 5/31/2019 – The office is comfortable, the staff is extremely kind and helpful, the massage was excellent. Connie is so pleasant and explains everything. I highly recommend.

***** Amanda C. on 5/31/2019 – Michelle is Amazing!

*****  Roseann B. on 5/28/2019 – Knowledge is therapists, skill set, comfort of facility

*****  Sheena H. on 5/27/2019 – Great service and therapist! Jennifer is amazing!!

*****  Michelle C. on 5/27/2019 – Good experience.

*****  Nicole J. on 5/26/2019 – Because Sabra so good with my son Landon. The massage really helped him to feel better. She was kind, patient, explained what she was doing and why, gave us ideas for stretches, etc..

*****   Caryll D. on 5/24/2019 – Excellent treatment

*****  Judi D. on 5/23/2019 – Connie adjusts her therapeutic massage to address my slightly changing specific needs each time I see her, and it is always very effective.

*****  Marilyn K. on 5/19/2019 – Michelle is awesome

*****  Kristin L. on 5/18/2019 – Michelle did a fantastic job of breaking down a lot of scar tissue that I had in my breast’s, post mastectomies. I look forward to my next appointment ! Before my appointment my breasts were stuck and hard, afterwards I felt such a difference! Thank YOU!

*****  Sheila P. on 5/18/2019 – Amazing skills plus amazing people. I love Therapie!

***** Gracita P. on 5/17/2019 – The receptionist is very nice and Becki the therapist is very professional n knowledge n gentle

***** Chantel B. on 5/15/2019 – Very professional, neat, timely, easy access, good pricing, friendly staff

*****  Betty S. on 5/13/2019 – great as usual: Michelle and results!

*****  Shirley F. on 5/6/2019 – I really like Michelle!

*****  Inez S. on 5/4/2019 – I am getting incredible results thanks to Connie

***** Michelle C. on 5/4/2019 – Michelle is great and knowledgeable! Thanks so much

*****  Merrilynne Z. on 5/1/2019 – Courteous, effective massage, lovely surroundings, and it took hours for my feet to hit the ground 👍🏾

*****  Ruth D. on 5/1/2019 – Just feel good about my experience

***** Donna C. on 4/30/2019 – The knowledge and compassion of Ms. Connie. She’s awesome!!!

*****  Billie B. on 4/29/2019 – My therapist Annie was very friendly and worked on all my muscle issues perfectly! I felt she had the ability to heal me!

*****  Debbie L. on 4/26/2019 – Michelle is wonderful I already have recommended her

*****  Eleia H. on 4/25/2019 – Very positive. Very knowledgeable. Very nice. Priced well.

*****  Deirdra S. on 4/21/2019 – The service was excellent, it was my first lymphatic massage and I was a little nervous at first, however Connie explained everything that she was doing and she made me very comfortable

*****  Rhys K. on 4/20/2019 – Lynn is amazing. Her works on the body is a miracle. So grateful to have found her.

*****  Katlyn C. on 4/20/2019 – I am having dental/jaw problems and Michele is helping a lot with that.


*****  Lashia M. on 4/15/2019 – because my experience was awesome Annie is a Gem

*****  Alana T. on 4/15/2019 – Annie was great!!!

*****  Elizabeth H. on 4/15/2019 – Annie is amazing and very knowledgable & intuitive

*****  Miriam J. on 4/14/2019 – Excellent care, called my regular provider (I am here in vacation and my shoulder needed care or I’d have been in terrible pain!) and worked together. Thank you!

***** Chase O. on 4/12/2019 – The methods used during my last session improved my mobility and lessened inflammation surrounding my pectoral muscles and lower back

*****  Phil T. on 4/10/2019 – Anyone that has had the good fortune to have had Sally handle their care, would quickly know that they are in the healing hands of a master. There is no other way to say this. She feels your pain and helps to eliminate its cause. She is also responsible for the team of professionals that she’s surrounded by that specialize to help treat, cure and remedy a plethora of body related ailments. Thank you Sally and Therepie! 🙏

*****  Jamie P. on 4/10/2019 – annie is awesome! so knowledgeable and easy to talk to.

*****  Brien W. on 4/7/2019 – Mike pushes my limits and I feel that he has given me a massage that is worth its value.

*****  Angela P. on 4/5/2019 – Good experience and great therapist . Annie

*****  Breanna D. on 4/2/2019 – Very attentive to my needs and concerns

*****  Stacey E. on 3/28/2019 – It’s quiet, beautiful and spotless! Plus Annie is amazing!!

*****  Marty R. on 3/27/2019 – Very relaxing, and comfortable atmosphere. Connie, my Therapist is amazing! Always explains everything and is just so knowledgeable.

*****  Pattie S. on 3/25/2019 – Yosie was very informative, gave me exercises and a great treatment I will definitely make another appointment soon

*****  Patty T. on 3/23/2019 – Because I feel better.

*****  Debbie R. on 3/23/2019 – I came and met Connie last year. I will come back to visit every time I’m in Las Vegas

*****  Caryll D. on 3/21/2019 – Connie is excellent

*****  Margret R. on 3/21/2019 – Comfortable atmosphere, effective treatment

*****  Monique W. on 3/19/2019 – Love the vibe, the people were pleasant and the massage and stretch was great

*****  Vicki G. on 3/19/2019 – Michelle is excellent!

*****  Jack M. on 3/17/2019 – Great service and knowledgeable therapist. Amazing!!!

*****  Stephanie Y. on 3/17/2019 – Michael very good!

*****  Ses A. on 3/16/2019 – Yoshi did a great job.

*****  Tom B. on 3/15/2019 – Yoshi was the best!

*****  Judi D. on 3/14/2019 – I receive very personalized massage therapy sessions based on my concerns, my trainer’s feedback, and the knowledge and experience of my massage therapist, Connie. The results are always effective and very helpful.

*****  Paul H. on 3/9/2019 – Did what I asked, provided excellent service.

*****  Erzsebet F. on 3/8/2019 – As always, I had amazing experience with Michelle . She is the best.

*****  Kathy W. on 3/8/2019 – Connie is a wonderful therapist!!

***** Kathy C. on 2/28/2019 – I’ve already referred my daughter to Michelle for TMJ. She has scheduled an appointment. I also told my cousin about the breast massage.

*****  Inez S. on 2/27/2019 – They treated me very well and Connie explained everything as she went along asking me if I had any questions. The whole experience was incredible

*****  Denice O. on 2/21/2019 – Caring, professional, high quality service

*****  Takiyah N. on 2/21/2019 – The staff was incredibly kind and I appreciated the personal stories they shared about fighting and surviving breast cancer. My therapist educated me about my body as she was performing different manipulations, which I greatly appreciated and was extremely attentive throughout the entire session. I was experiencing pain in my left breast every single day for three months. My naturopathic doctor told me that if I didn’t get ahead of it that it would turn into breast cancer. I sincerely appreciated that the staff worked in conjunction with my doctor, not in opposition to her. Given my pain levels, she made the session as comfortable as possible. 24 hours later, I was pain free for the first time in 3 months. I will definitely be back for monthly maintenance!

*****  Melissa S. on 2/20/2019 – Because Michelle has been working on me for several months and she has been absolutely amazing and has helped me so much through her massage skill set.

*****  Stefanie S. on 2/16/2019 – Connie is amazing

*****  Marlene A. on 2/13/2019 – I achieved my goals of pain relief and learn how to massage at home between sessions. First pain free sleep in ages. Relived pain from capsular contraction. Thank you Michelle!

*****  Keith S. on 2/13/2019 – Because it helps

*****  Elise S. on 2/9/2019 – I was able to get a last minute appointment and had a fantastic 80 min massage with Yoshi. Massage immediately helped with shoulder pain and tightness I was experiencing. Yoshi was a great, knowledgeable therapist.

*****  Mary V. on 2/7/2019 – Great people; friendly staff. Clean, tasteful facilities. On time. Michelle & Connie really cater to my body’s needs & I leave feeling great!👏😊

*****  Linda H. on 2/6/2019 – Therapies is a very welcoming place, with very kind & attentive staff. And Becky’s massage was excellent!

*****  Barbara S. on 2/5/2019 – I have been getting massages for many years and I have NEVER been disappointed at Therapie. They are a 10 on every level from the minute you enter until you leave. I couldn’t be more pleased.

*****  Yolanda F. on 2/1/2019 – Michelle was amazing she is an expert in lymphatic massage

*****  Sandy C. on 1/30/2019 – Excellent massage from Connie!!! She knows how to work the muscles to give you the best outcome for tight and strained muscles. I would not go to any other massage place.

*****  Nate L. on 1/29/2019 – Friendly staff, easy scheduling, great treatment.

*****  Billie B. on 1/24/2019 – Great customer service! Connie is perfect at finding the perfect method for fixing issues. I love this healing place!

*****  Betty S. on 1/22/2019 – Michelle is doing a great job and we’re seeing progress!

*****  Gail S. on 1/20/2019 – Awesome experience

*****  Christine W. on 1/18/2019 – Professional therapists and staff

*****  Caryll D. on 1/17/2019 – Connie was excellent!

*****  Angela F. on 1/16/2019 – Because the Reiki treatment I received is powerful and very healing.

*****  Linda S. on 1/16/2019 – Everything is very professional. You get a great massage. !!

*****  Phil T. on 1/15/2019 – Sally is a true professional. From theory to application. I’ve had many massage therapists treat my issues over the years, but this was my first ever who exemplified the meaning of treatment and relief! Thank you!!!!!

*****  Kathi R. on 1/15/2019 – Connie is a wonderful massage therapist! Connie helped me through all my breast cancer surgeries. I had three surgeries starting with the mastectomy I had in April 2017. I know I would not have recovered as quickly as Idid without her “expert hands”! She is so knowledgeable and explained everything to me so I understood. Thank you Connie and the whole team! ❤️

*****  Cindy M. on 1/7/2019 – Very pleased

*****  Courtney G. on 1/6/2019 – The environment was very calm and soothing. The therapist listened to all my concerns and problem areas. Very nice customer service. Respectful and friendly

*****  Sheila P. on 1/4/2019 – Wonderful people and great expertise

*****  Judi D. on 1/4/2019 – Connie helps me maintain flexibility, lymphatic health, musculoskeletal health, and an improved level of relaxation and stress management.

*****  Katlyn C. on 1/4/2019 – Professional and competent

*****  Cameal F. on 12/31/2018 – …always exemplary

*****  Michele F. on 12/29/2018 – 10 being best due to Connie Q doing such a great job making me feel better and her being so professional.

***** Heather S. on 12/28/2018 – The staff always make me feel so welcome when I visit them

*****  Ilvia U. on 12/22/2018 – Everyone is just so nice and professional!

*****  Ruth D. on 12/22/2018 – Feel great So much better I believe this treatment will help me ongoing

*****  Roni D. on 12/21/2018 – Love you guys. Bought a gift certificate for my Sweetie.

*****  Jackie J. on 12/19/2018 – Connie Q, worked on all my stiff muscles. the stretching was wonderful, the cupping was great the massage was great. I feel great!

*****  Porscha R. on 12/19/2018 – Atmosphere, professionalism, knowledge

*****  Linda B. on 12/18/2018 – Love Therapie, always feel like me again after treatment 😊

*****  Alexandria J. on 12/16/2018 – I was treated well and my issue was well taken care of

*****  Melissa K. on 12/13/2018 – Because Michelle is the best message therapist I have ever had

*****  Donna C. on 12/9/2018 – Connie is AWESOME!! She is very knowledgeable and compassionate with her massage. Highly recommend…

*****  Denice O. on 12/8/2018 – Therapist was very caring and educating. Nothing I would change.

*****  Jamie W. on 11/29/2018 – Exceptional customer service, amazing results, just overall feeling when there

*****  Luis G. on 11/29/2018 – Your amazing

*****  Ses A. on 11/29/2018 – Michelle is amazing! I had a good night sleep last night. I feel so relaxed after my massage. If I could afford to come and see her every two weeks, I would.😊

***** Laura B. on 11/21/2018 – Michelle make you feel comfortable. Explains the process of the massage.

*****  Sally P. on 11/21/2018 – Professional and great service

*****  Christene R. on 11/20/2018 – Sally is awesome

*****  Mary R. on 11/20/2018 – Michelle is wonderful!

*****   Leydy D. on 11/17/2018 – Very good service.

*****  Kay R. on 11/14/2018 – Michelle has healing hands. She listens and knows just what to do!

*****  Betty S. on 11/12/2018 – It was a great experience and Connie was very knowledgeable and did a great job!

*****  Kira W. on 11/11/2018 – I have had the best experience here and everyone is so nice. Michelle was able to give relief instantly!

***** Keyanna R. on 11/9/2018 – Michelle is awesome!!!!!

***** Arleana W. on 11/9/2018 -Connie was amazing

*****  Nedra S. on 11/4/2018 – I’m always treated like I’m your only client. All the associates are there to ease all our pains and make us feel better

*****  Sheila P. on 11/3/2018 – It was great

*****  Judi D. on 11/2/2018 – Connie was amazing! She gently, but very effectively, massaged away muscle knots and improved my flexibility. I was able to immediately enjoy a much more effective workout with my trainer at the gym. 😀

*****  Linda H. on 10/31/2018 – I’ve always enjoyed the services at Therapie, & Becky does a great job of relieving all my deep tissue issues.

*****  Melanie S. on 10/19/2018 – Great threapist

*****  Catherine H. on 10/17/2018 – Michelle is awesome, I always feel wonderful after my massage.

*****  Ruby L. on 10/16/2018 – Michelle was amazing. She was kind, understanding, knowledgeable and you can tell very experienced. Will be coming back to her soon.

*****  Katy L. on 10/14/2018 – Great massage

***** Joann P. on 10/13/2018 – Michelle

***** Janet I. on 10/12/2018 – Wonderful therapist and friendly staff!

*****  Gail S. on 10/10/2018 – Productive massage!! Michelle is great.

*****  Amy F. on 10/9/2018 – I had a great experience! Cornyn was great at listening to my needs and helped me very much!

***** Bets S. on 10/5/2018 – Connie is awesome and staff is very friendly and treats me like Family. I feel better after I leave.

*****  Ses A. on 9/24/2018 – Service was great and staff are very friendly and attentive.

*****  Dottie M. on 9/21/2018 – Michelle is awesome

*****  Laura B. on 9/20/2018 – In less pain than when I showed up lately

*****  Tammy L. on 9/20/2018 – Connie was absolutely amazing. Compassionate woman who truly loves her job and clients.

*****  Jackie J. on 9/20/2018 – I feel much better after the massage. My tight muscles were addressed and relaxed.

*****  Mike W. on 9/16/2018 – You’re the best!

***** Lisa G. on 9/16/2018 – Love Michelle

***** Lonie D. on 9/16/2018 – Clean, friendly, professional. Every single therapist that helped me with my healing process is very knowledgeable. Very tentative to the areas that needs to be work on. Love everyone so far.

*****  Trina S. on 9/13/2018 – Michelle is just amazing. I came in there in so much pain and barely able to move my wrists and neck and she worked wonders

*****  Teresa S. on 9/13/2018 – I loved Michelle and she released a lot of the tightness in my breast’s. I felt great when I left. Can’t wait to go back

*****  Alison V. on 9/6/2018 – I feel great when I leave and see progress with my skin healing more with every visit.

*****  Cynthia K. on 9/5/2018 – Was very good service! People are friendly and passionate.

*****  Chase O. on 9/1/2018 – My back tension has significantly improved and I feel better about my overall range of motion.

*****  Renee T. on 8/31/2018 – Excellent service !!

*****  Sarah T. on 8/30/2018 – I had a great experience. Connie was amazing. She was very friendly and took her time explaining everything that is involved in a breast message and the reasons for every technique being used. Connie made me feel very comfortable. I will definitely be returning for another massage.

*****  Daisy G. on 8/30/2018 – Had new therapist (Connie). She was awesomely informative …. I loved it and would recommend her as I would recommend Sally.

*****  Larry S. on 8/29/2018 – Excellent therapist, great service, nice atmosphere.

*****  Ron R. on 8/26/2018 – Very helpful and professional

*****  Anthony N. on 8/14/2018 – Only five stars – Because there wasn’t a higher score….

*****  Daren N. on 8/10/2018 – Most comprehensive massage ever!

*****  Eliza A. on 8/8/2018 – Excellent customer service by Michelle. Love her service!

*****  Cristen J. on 8/7/2018 – I’m a regular client I sent my daughter and it helped her pain a lot!

*****  Sharon J. on 8/4/2018 – Outstanding customer service Excellent skills and knowledge

***** Joann P. on 8/3/2018 – Very good massage

*****  Terry B. on 8/2/2018 – Knowing that Connie knows just what to do to alleviate my pain. She’s knowledgeable and oh so good to remember me and my concerns.

*****  Cindy B. on 7/27/2018 – Because it’s helped me so much

*****  Nedra S. on 7/27/2018 – Sally is awesome

*****  Donna C. on 7/26/2018 – Sally is the BEST!!!!

*****  Debbie R. on 7/25/2018 – You are the best – I’ll come every time I come to town!

*****  Kimberly F. on 7/24/2018 – She was understanding of my cancer needs. She was really friendly and caring. Thank you

*****  Ses A. on 7/7/2018 – I felt relax

*****  Kathi R. on 7/7/2018 – Connie is wonderful!

*****  Bernadette T. on 7/5/2018 – Michelle is amazing! Very compassionate and did a very relaxing oncology massage for me

***** Lisa G. on 7/2/2018 – Michelle is great!!

*****  Stephanie D. on 6/29/2018 – The kind, friendly, and knowledgeable staff lead to a superb visit and the results are showing as very effective.

*****  Sabra K. on 6/28/2018 – Connie was very thorough & knowledgeable. Her calm demeanor & the spa-like setting made me feel very comfortable. I felt relief & saw improvement right away.

*****  Sandy C. on 6/20/2018 – Great massage. Very professional and knowledgeable staff. Welcoming facility, immaculate and relaxing

*****  Connie G. on 6/19/2018 – I feel my pain improved after only one treatment Connie

*****  Patty T. on 6/14/2018 – All the therapist there are very knowledgeable. Sally, the owner has trained them well. Connie has been my therapist from the beginning and is so kind and smart! I learn something new from her every time. My range of motion has improved and is almost back to normal. Compassionate place.

*****  Mary W. on 6/14/2018 – This site is friendly and does not require you to go to various sites for information. Mary W.

*****  Heather S. on 6/10/2018 – I love this place. They really know what they are doing!!

*****  Cristen J. on 6/7/2018 – Yes definitely! I first came to Therapie for lymphatic drainage and myofascial release massage. Both things are difficult to find as they are specialties. I found that Therapie has an even more specialized version of lymphatic massage for women that have had breast surgeries. I had a reduction last year and after one massage some problems cleared up that had been an issue for 9 months! Michelle and Sally are uniquely qualified to help their clients heal, destress and feel better!! I have more energy and less physical issues because of my regular massages there. Thanks Therapie! Cristen J, coach and natural healthcare practitioner.

*****  Gen W. on 6/3/2018 – An amazing experience to get your body and health back on track! Impeccable staff!

*****  Gail S. on 6/2/2018 – Sally goes above and beyond to take care of me, she works hard on my body which keeps me going. I am so blessed that I found her and so grateful for all her hard work. Sally is kind and giving, truly a people person

***** Sarah R. on 5/10/2018 – This was my first ever massage and I had a fantastic experience. It was a prenatal massage and afterward, all of my terrible back pain had completely dissipated. No small feat considering I’m in my 9th month. I highly recommend Therapie!

***** Rich D. on 4/17/2018 – Therapie is a very caring and respectful environment. Michelle’s massage techniques have significantly reduced my pain and improved my health and wellbeing.

*****  Marilyn K. on 4/8/2018 – Michelle is great! She is so professional and knows exactly how to help work out those aches and pains! Never had a bad experience at Therapie. Sally is wonderful.

*****  Billie B. on 4/2/2018 – Connie helped relieve some lower back issues I was experiencing…excellent massage!

*****  Norma G. on 3/26/2018 – Michael was very attentive, and he made sure to ask me about the best way to have my massage, he inquired to see make sure I felt comfortable. I highly recommend it

*****  Elizabeth R. on 3/23/2018 – Connie is the best! She always makes me feel so much better after my session.

*****  Katie S. on 3/15/2018 – Every time I go there I get a great massage, and the massage therapist is sensitive to my issues, usually recommending stretches I can do to continue to relax my muscles in between massages.

*****  John M. on 3/13/2018 – Therapie is something special!! The customer service is extraordinary, and Sally is beyond an expert at her craft. She was able to help me where traditional medicine could not. I highly recommend Sally and Therapie!!

*****  Melissa K. on 3/2/2018 – Michelle is the best. She is professional, knows what the client needs and listens to clients needs. Therapie has a warm friendly staff and I always enjoy going there. I have referred several people there. I look forward to my next visit.

*****  Karen B. on 2/21/2018 – Cindy was amazing! She really helped me feel better and she was so knowledgeable. If you’re looking for a lymphatic massage definitely go to Cindy

*****  Tisheena L. on 2/19/2018 – I can’t say enough great things about my massage with Coryn. As someone who has suffered with chronic illness and pain for most of my life, I have often sought out holistic methods of managing my disease. I’ve tried massage many times to ease my symptoms and stress as well as the tightness I have in my legs and hips from long-distance running. I usually find those massages to be relaxing in the moment, but even as I’m walking out I can feel the pain and tightness creeping back. Coryn is amazing. I had a two-hour Thérapie session with her and she found everything that was contributing to my issues. She is intuitive and attentive and very skilled. In addition to the areas I requested, she spent considerable time on my calves, which released a lot of tension in my feet that I hadn’t even noticed. I really enjoyed that she used stretching in my session as well. My massage ended five hours ago and I still feel calm and relaxed with no sign of tightness, and I feel like I will actually be able to sleep tonight. I can’t express what a relief it is to feel like this. I’m so thankful for Coryn and my experience at Thérapie today. I will definitely be back!

*****  Chase O. on 2/14/2018 – You have my permission to copy and paste my review from Yelp. Look for, Chase Oliver, aka, Chase The Trainer

*****  Donna C. on 2/13/2018 – Going to Therapie has been life changing. I am a 17 year BreastCancer Survivor coupled with numerous Reconstruction surgeries. My only regret is that I didn’t start Therapie sooner. It’s helped soften my affected breast tremendously. I feel refreshed and rejuvenated after every visit. Sometimes I say, “all I need is a driver to drive me home”😊.

*****  Mary V. on 2/2/2018 – Connie is really helping me; she’s kind, professional, “in-touch” with my needs & fun to work with!

*****  Dottie M. on 1/31/2018 – Michelle Seder -Torres is the best therapist I’ve ever had she takes time with her client and gets to know their needs. Are lymphatic massage is awesome

*****  Mary R. on 1/28/2018 – Michelle made me feel completely at ease and answered all of my questions thoroughly. She was respectful and explained what she was doing. I immediately felt relief that I hadn’t felt for over a year. I am anxiously awaiting my next appointment.

*****  Gail S. on 1/21/2018 – Michelle is kind, empathetic, and knows her craft!! I always feel so much better after a treatment.

*****  Daisy G. on 1/16/2018 – It seemed more than just a therapy massage. Felt Sally knew my situation and was giving me her all. “Healing Center” should be their new name…

*****  Irene J. on 1/6/2018 – It is always a pleasure to have Connie work out the aches and pains in your body

*****  Cynthia M. on 1/3/2018 – Anyone who has ever had a mastectomy or any type of breast surgery will be doing the best thing they could ever do for themselves by going to visit one of the therapists at this business who all specialize in post-op breast therapie. C. Mosley

*****  Marilyn K. on 12/31/2017 – Michelle is awesome as always. I’ve been going to Therapie for a long time. Their staff if professional knowledgeable and very therapeutic. I certainly have more faith in them over the medical profession!

*****  Kathi R. on 12/23/2017 – Connie is my massage therapist at Therapie. She is wonderful! She has helped me tremendously throughout the process of reconstruction. She has so much knowledge and has offered me so much support. I am so grateful I found Therapie. Sally is a sweetheart too and helped me with a surgical decision I needed to make. I will continue to get the help I need from Therapie.

*****  Charlotte B. on 12/20/2017 – Yoshi was absolutely wonderful. Excited to go and see him again. Thank you, Yoshi.

*****  Albert F. on 12/16/2017 – My right hip and surrounding area is relieved and I am looking forward to December 12th appointment with Sally. A real professional! Al

*****  Vicki G. on 12/11/2017 – Michelle is excellent!

*****  Susan F. on 12/10/2017 – Excellent massage! I look forward to returning. I have a curved spine and arthritis. I suffer from the arthritis and have shrunk from degeneration of disk in my spine. Stretching my muscles through massage really helps in many ways. On my drive home I realized I was sitting taller in my seat and had to adjust my rear view mirror. I felt energized the rest of the day and slept great at night.

*****  Paul H. on 12/1/2017 – Wonderful place to have the kinks worked out.

*****  Courtney C. on 12/1/2017 – I always enjoy going to Therapie. The ladies in the office are always very welcoming. The women who work there are all very knowledgeable and take the time to make sure you are getting exactly the kind of massage that you want. They even go the extra mile to make sure your experience is a relaxing one by asking questions before and during the session.

*****  Mary V. on 11/29/2017 – Jen G has been a terrific help & encourager for me! I will miss her greatly as she moves on with her new adventures! Best Wishes, Jen!


*****  Hope N. on 11/12/2017 – Jen was amazing, she really took the time to understand my needs and make sure that she was on track throughout my service.

*****  Irene J. on 11/5/2017 – All you can ask for in a massage.

*****  Batis M. on 11/3/2017 – Therepie is very good. Yoshi is an awesome therapist.

*****  John M. on 10/30/2017 – After my visit to therapie, I have never felt better!! This place is a gem and Sally is wonderful!! I highly recommend this place!!

*****  Janine S. on 10/28/2017 – Individualized service and attention! Nothing is overlooked. I found this place a few years ago when I was looking for a last minute massage to relieve a headache. There are many places to choose in Las Vegas, you won’t be disappointed!

*****  Mariah S. on 10/26/2017 – I went in having really bad pain in my hips related to pregnancy. I was skeptical if the massage would really help but it did! It released tension in the muscles so my hips could move better in place. It loosened those muscles up so the chiropractor could make his adjustments efficiently and effectively.

*****  Chase O. on 10/13/2017 – Fantastic massage therapy.

*****  Alison V. on 10/12/2017 – I am so glad I was referred to Therapie. Michelle made me feel very comfortable and explained everything she was doing. After just one massage I can honestly say I feel great! The post mastectomy massages will certainly help my skin prepare for reconstructive surgery.

*****  Andrea H. on 9/28/2017 – Omg, the best massage I’ve ever had. Jen Glenn has blessed hands. She took her time and was very soothing. I will be back over and over again.

*****  Sharron M. on 9/27/2017 – I couldn’t walk or stand straight. Then I met Sally and Jen! My therapy isn’t fun but I feel great

*****  Laura B. on 9/27/2017 – I received the best massage I’ve ever experienced. Jenn’s professionalism and knowledge of her art is to be commended. I had been putting up with a ‘tennis elbow’ problem for two months and the following day had so much relief. I look forward to return visits.

*****  Melissa S. on 9/27/2017 – Therapie is so clean and inviting. I can see anyone and know the experience will be wonderful!

*****  Melissa K. on 9/22/2017 – Michelle is the best and I’ve set up another appointment with her I wish I could have her every week

*****  Paola E. on 9/21/2017 – I love this place, everyone knows very well the job.

*****  Andrea F. on 9/12/2017 – I had my first massage at Therapie and fell in love with the place! The energy was so warm and welcoming! Everyone there was so kind and the massage was amazing! Already looking at my calendar to plan my next massage!

*****  Brittany T. on 8/29/2017 – Best massage I ever got. Jen does the perfect amount of pressure. She is very easy to talk to as well and help my neck feel so much better.

*****  Kira W. on 8/27/2017 – The techniques used to help provide relief in my son’s leg is priceless!! With out having the opportunity to experience Therapie I’d never know such a great result ! The whole staff has the best customer experience I feel like they are family always there to help !:)

*****  Nicole L. on 8/21/2017 – Jen Glen is the best. I love her work she’s amazing and also an amazing person. This place is just all around amazing

*****   Courtney C. on 7/27/2017 – I always enjoy going to Therapie. The ladies in the office are amazing. They always ask me questions to make sure they are giving me the massage I want.

*****  Barbara S. on 7/15/2017 – I have had massage from many different people over the years and I must say there is no one quite like Sally … she is amazing on every level and so is her staff. I have had massage from all of them there and would give all of them a 10!! THERAPI is definitely the PERFECT place to go for medical massage and an amazing opportunity to find relief, to heal and overcome issues that you may have dealt with for years. THERAPIE ROCKS !!!

*****  Erika H. on 7/3/2017 – Greatest customer service! From the front desk to the therapists! Michelle is my go to girl I come in hurting I leave with confidence!

*****  Elizabeth K. on 6/22/2017 – Therapie has been a life saver to me!

*****  Christina L. on 6/9/2017 – Connie was great and knowledgeable, the deep tissue massage left me feeling great.

*****  Ciara C. on 6/7/2017 – Fantastic staff, great atmosphere, Sally took the time to make my daughter comfortable and explained every step of the way.

*****  Denees G. on 6/6/2017 – Jenni G. Is a great therapist, it’s my 3rd visit and each time I feel just great and refreshed. She has performed techniques for various sore muscles and really knows what is needed. Just wish I could go more often!

*****  Debbie H. on 5/26/2017 – It was an incredible experience and I have been getting therapeutic massage for 30+ years. This was different and I felt fantastic after. Even more fantastic this morning and my yoga practice flowed better. I can’t wait to come back and highly recommend the entire staff at Therapie. Debbie Harris@

*****  Lisa C. on 5/22/2017 – This is a warm, welcoming place. Claire did a very nice job with my massage and it was great they had the tools to allow me to be comfortable on my stomach while healing from a double-mastectomy and in-process reconstruction. It’s wonderful this place exists for cancer patients but it’s truly wonderful for anyone in any state of health.

*****  Linda K. on 5/20/2017 – I arrive feeling broken. Pain in lower back, hip, knee and heels. Lymphodema in left arm and hardening post lumpectomy scar tissue. Connie and Jenn are caring, intuitive, giving women. Their massages are physically pain relieving. The benefits resonate for days. Thank you Sally for sharing your spiritual and physical philosophy of caring. I am most appreciative and grateful. Linda K, Las Vegas

*****  Rachel L. on 5/19/2017 – Loved the experience! Very comfortable and professional. Michelle was absolutely wonderful. I’m not one to get regular massages so I was a little nervous and have never had a medical massage before, but there was no reason to be, she quickly put me at ease. Kind and friendly staff and a beautiful peaceful atmosphere. I highly recommend Therapie and Michelle in particular if you’re going for the first time. I will definitely back, in fact I already made two more appointments for next week! Thanks you guys!

*****  Kathie C. on 5/18/2017 – Jennifer listened to my health background and concerns and provided treatment that gave me some immediate relief. Looking forward to the next visit. K.C.

*****  Darrell J. on 5/15/2017 – My friend felt very comfortable with Sally days after the massage on her breast where she had surgery she felt better like she had drainage this is the best that she has felt in about a year

*****  Cynthia M. on 5/13/2017 – I would highly recommend this therapy to anyone who has had a breast reconstruction procedure. This is the best part of recovery that you could ever do for yourself. I am so happy that I found them. All of the technicians are wonderful. They also do a great job on other massage techniques too.

*****  George S. on 5/4/2017 – I had a wonderful experience at Therapie. Amanda the receptionist was awesome and super friendly. Michelle was my massage therapist and she was amazing. From greeting me with a warm smile to her attention to detail in making sure how best to treat my ailments. Therapie comes highly recommended.

*****  Emily A. on 5/2/2017 – Jennifer was professional and walked me through the process. She made sure I knew what was going on at all times. Also, made great recommendations and stayed within her scope of practice. I will definitely be seeing her again.

***** Elizabeth R. on 5/2/2017 – I have severe back pain and sciatica pain and after starting monthly therapy sessions I am happily much better and pain relief is so much better

*****  Mary V. on 4/27/2017 – I am so happy to have found Therapie! Jen G & Sally have really helped me feel better after mastectomy & implants. Jen G worked me in yesterday with a “new” neck & shoulder pain….haven’t had that pain all day today (or any others!)@

*****  Dana D. on 4/18/2017 – Jen is awesome!!! She has helped so much!

*****  Sandra R. on 4/16/2017 – Amazing! Jenn G. listened to my concerns, provided priceless care, and helped tremendously!

Verified Reviews by Frederick



I can not say enough good things about Therapie! I initially starting coming here after my double mastectomy in 2015 and they did wonders for my healing. A year later I had to have lymph nodes removed from my left side and couldn’t raise my arm higher than shoulder height. After a month of PT, I could still only raise it to just above my head; so I decided to go see Sally. After just ONE massage I was able to raise my arm all the way above my head again. She is amazing! I get a massage every month and always leave feeling fantastic. LOVE Therapie!

(Anonymous, 12/20/16)

Jen Glenn has an amazing touch it baffles me how someone can have such a soft gentile touch yet penetrate so deep in the areas that need it. I left feeling anew. Highly recommend to anyone who needs to relax. As a mother I often find myself unappreciated The best way for me to refuel and be everything for my family is to let someone appreciate me and Jen does exactly that when you are with her no one else exists for that hour its you and your needs being met to heal and rejuvenate. Simply put she’s amazing and I felt amazing when I left her. Thank you Jen!!!!!!!

(Anonymous, 1/17/16)

I am a breast cancer survivor. I had a double mastectomy March 2015, with breast tissue expanders (painful experience for me). I had implants in October 2015. Finally is October 2016 I am becoming pain free. Sally and Jen have been fantastic in releasing the tension and pain in my breast area, shoulders and neck. I am no longer, in the back of my mind, considering having the implants removed. I feel my energy returning as the discomfort/pain disappears. Thank you so much.

(Anonymous, 11/3/16)

I can move again without as much pain! I am a 2 year Breast cancer survivor, double mastectomy with implants. In the last year I have been having pain around my breast area, at times extreme pain. Could no longer lift my right arm straight above my head or behind me. Could only sleep or lay on my left side. Went to see Sally. She massaged and worked my muscles. When I stood up, I could lift my arm again, put it behind me, and so happy to say I have been sleeping on any side I want! How amazing!!! Can’t wait to go back. Looking forward to being pain free from Breast Cancer surgery! Sally you are amazing!

(Colleen F., 9/30/16)

At the recommendation of the brilliant Dr.Julio Garcia, I scheduled therapeutic, lymphatic massage sessions at Therapie with Michelle.The resulting comfort and increase in healing has been amazing.I am so grateful for the purposeful expertise of this business and for Michelle. Michelle has a wealth of knowledge, loves what she does, cares about her client and is extremely gifted in what she does. It’s amazing what can be accomplished with people who are truly experts in their field.

(Cheryl L., 8/25/16)

I came to see Sally two weeks after my open heart surgery. She was able to work with various parts of my body, using different techniques to address issues that I have as a result of such a traumatic event to my body. I felt great after the 80 minute session. I look forward to my next session. It’s definitely a valuable part of my healing regiment!

(Martin M., 8/23/16)

I thoroughly enjoyed my massage with Jenni! I asked for a relaxing massage and she delivered 100%. The atmosphere at Therapie and her technique were both perfect!

(Barbara M., 8/23/16)

My first sessions with Michelle was amazing! She understood my issues, educated me, and had a game plan on my therapy sessions! I look forward in my treatments! Thank you to Michelle and the staff at Therapie for making my visits a comforting experience!

(Karen W., 6/27/16)

I enjoyed my massage. The facility had a nice relaxing atmosphere – smelled wonderful, and I felt better after my massage. Definitely an enjoyable visit.

(Anonymous, 5/4/16)

Jenni Is great. Very good massage. Love Therapie.

(Bruce M., 4/27/16)

Jennifer is a great. I have used Jennifer for over 2 years now. I highly recommend her. Therapie is wonderful environment for a massage.

(Bruce M., 4/15/16)

I had a wonderful experience – Michelle was excellent! It was probably the most relaxed I’ve been in quite a long time. Thanks so much, Michelle!

(Anonymous, 4/4/16)

My massage today with Jenni was most relaxing and wonderful ! She led me into a state of deep release of physical tension and mental fatigue . I left feeling renewed ,nurtured and cared for . Thank you , Jenni for a remarkable healing session !

(Susan R., 3/31/16)

I will never go anywhere else for a massage!! They are amazing! I see Kaila she is Awesome! Neck, back and head issues and I walk out of there feeling wonderful! I will continue having Therapy! It’s more than a massage. The breast massage helped me because I have fibrocystic disease! I promise you won’t be disappointed! Everyone there is professional and extremely knowledgable! Donna T.

(Anonymous, 3/23/16)

Since I have been getting massages at Therapie, my breasts have not been as sore. I am thrilled with Jenny and all the staff. Everyone is so nice.

(Anonymous, 3/21/16)

Excellent staff. Excellent massage. I always leave Therapie feeling great!

(Nicholas M., 3/18/16)

The staff at Therapie are very professional and courteous. Jenn is a very caring therapist who helped me through a strenuous time after I developed an infection post-op for cancer removal. Thanks to her my reconstruction will not be near as painful. Thanks to you Jenn, Sally and my doctor for recommending you.

(Mary H., 3/18/16)

Jenn is great!!! Her expert hands & use of suction cups really loosened my tightened muscles & allow me much more mobility. Just what I needed & I’m returning again for further work.

(Anonymous, 3/15/16)

Jenn, you did well on my massage thank you very much I can recommend you and your place to others

(Anonymous, 2/18/16)

Thank you Jenn, I can use my right hand again, and I have avoided carpal tunnel surgery. I would recommend this facility and Jenn, very accommodating and relaxing. A joyful experience.

(Preddy W., 12/1/15)

Sally gave a wonderful Therapie Massage. I was very impressed not only with her but her entire process from making the appointment to completing it. She definitely made the experience worthwhile. Not only did she explain everything in detail but was she made it very fun yet professional. I felt so much better afterwards and am extremely thankful to my doctor for recommending her.

(Anonymous, 1/17/15)

My post-mastectomy massage with Sally was everything I’d hoped for. She was able to answer my questions as well as work out the kinks and stiffness I’d been experiencing post-surgery. I highly recommend Therapie for anyone recovering from any kind of breast surgery!

(Shannon S., 11/5/15)

Thank you Sally for my introduction to breast massage. Not only did I notice the difference, I learned a lot during the hour with you. I look forward to the next treatment at Therapies!

(Gail S., 11/2/15)

I had read the reviews and decided to try Therapie. I needed a relaxation massage. I called 1st thing in the morning and was seen by the afternoon. From the moment I called to make the appointment, until the moment I floated out the door I couldn’t have been more pleased. Tamika welcomed me, then helped me decide which service and which therapist would meet my needs. Michele gave me the most wonderful 80 minute massage. The facility was immaculate. The sheets and table were the most comfortable I’ve ever experienced. The environment was peaceful and serene. I highly recommend Therapie. Although, I chose a relaxation massage there are many therapeutic options available.

(Maureen F., 6/1/15)

The spa is very relaxing and clean. I feel calmer just walking in the building. I had a couple sessions with Kaila. The massage was wonderful. She has a great touch and paid attention to my problem spots with perfect pressure. I also received a myofascial treatment from her. She is intuitive and I was very comfortable with her. I was able to unwind and got great results. A tight spot near the top of my shoulder released and still feels looser. Thank you, Kaila.

(Kathryn H., 6/1/15)

I look forward to my weekly massage from Ms. Sally! I was blessed when my daughter purchased a package of massages for me for Christmas in 2013. I continue to go to Therapies for the tender loving care I receive. I leave there feeling whole again and love the team as they all have their specialties! There is no reason to go anywhere else for my Breast massages as The ladies relate to what I’m feeling and fix me uo every time! They are an awesome group and I’m thankful for them every day! Thank y

(Susie L., 1/26/15)

I went to Jennifer today for a massage. I have been going to her for over a year. She got this new cupping machine WOW! The session was absolutely amazing. I left Therapie today in tears, because my muscles, left arm, and right hip felt pliable and soft. I am an RN and a breast cancer survivor. I started going to Jennifer due to lymphedema in my left arm and breast tissue that felt like a board. She has helped me in so many ways. I can continue to work in the hospital as a nurse due to her. Jennifer is an amazing therapist. She is very knowledgeable, professional,and funny. Just when I think she can’t get any better she does. She is always looking for new ways to help her clients and this cupping machine is brilliant. Sheik the front office person is so sweet, professional,and helpful. I feel very blessed to have found Therapie.

(Cheryl L., 10/29/14)

Kaila was very interested in what my problem areas were and she was able to give me immediate results for our 1st appointment. I can’t wait to come back to work on my sports injury problem area. She’s awesome!!

(Anonymous, 10/24/14)

I’ve been seeing Sally Spurgeon for over 24 years but not as consistently as I should be, to my detriment! Sally is the most “Skilled Professional Healer” I’ve ever been to. Not only is Sally’s ‘Therapie’ the best Spa I have ever been to, but she addresses all of your complaints and really works all of those areas in the most Therapeutic Professional way I’ve ever known. Her Professionalism cannot be beat!!!!! She’s kind and extremely caring of my issues and try’s to relax the Mind as well as the Body. Sally Spurgeon and her Staff are the very best at Therapeutic Massage I’ve ever experienced!

(Alana M., 10/12/14)

I had a wonderful Therapie Massage from Toniika. I can’t put in words how much massage has helped me post surgery. It has been very helpful in my recovery. Thank you! I feel fortunate to have found Therapie!

(Cristine C., 10/12/14)

A very calm quiet place. Clean and well kept. The therapist who attended to me knew my trouble spot and fixed it. I was able to get a good nights rest after the massage which I hadn’t had for a few days. Im a little sore but the pain has subsided. Thank you for your help!

(Oscar V., 10/12/14)

Such an Absolutely Wonderful experience from the moment I walked in the door. The beautiful person answering the phone and booking was able to get me in for a massage right away. Michelle, the practitioner was Amazing and Compassionate. The Spa is very warm and inviting, I absolutely recommend this therapeutic Haven to anyone wanting to heal, treat and refresh themselves!

(Anonymous, 10/12/14)

I loved my massage with Toniika. She will definantly be the reason I return. Her massage left me feeling refreshed. All the soreness I had from the gym disappeared once her hands touched me. Thank you so much!!!!

(Anonymous, 9/28/14)

Having been to Therapie a couple of times, I have to say the experience was wonderful. It was easy to make the appointments, they were always on time. The staff was courteous and well informed. Great specials too! I always left there feeling refreshed and also learned a little about treatments and how to stay healthy! I recommend Therapie to all my family and friends- I do not even look at any other massage offers…I will stay with Therapie!

(Anonymous, 7/18/14)

Scheduled an appointment day-of, got in when I needed, and received the professional treatment I wanted.

(Anonymous, 7/17/14)

Sally at Therapie goes above and beyond to explain her services, her method, and her technique so you always feel comfortable and educated about your massage process. The environment at Therapie is clean, comfortable, professional, and welcoming. They offer services tailored to my needs and I felt immediate pain relief after my very first session. I will be returning very soon

(Laura S. 7/17/14)

Best massage and paraffin treatment EVER !! You are so good, and such a gentleman, Vernon. I definitely will be back !!

(Anonymous, 2/25/14)

After reading the article about Sally in a recent issue of Luxury magazine, I decided to try Therapie’s breast massage program to help me after my radiation treatments. During the first session, Toniika managed to loosen my scar significantly, relax my tired shoulder muscles and show me how to do supplemental breast massage at home. Sally handled my second treatment and she found some spots that triggered the most amazing relaxation I’ve ever experienced. Anyone suffering with the after-effects of breast cancer treatments should definitely give this a try. My doctor highly recommends Therapie and I will be continuing my treatment with them for several more weeks as I manage my recovery. I think all the therapists have magic in their hands!

(Judy S., 11/5/13)

Esteban is amazing! He works on spots that you didn’t even realize were tight but after you walk out of there you feel 100% better. It’s so much more than a ‘standard’ massage that you’d get at a spa or chain company. I’ve sent several friends to Therapie, particularly Esteban, and they all loved him as well.

(Anonymous, 3/11/13)

I, along with everyone else, was saddened to hear that Sally will be curtailing her hands-on massages. She has a “healing gift”, and I support her decision to teach others because it will only benefit all of her clients in the long run. Over a year ago, I decided to try the other therapists and I am truly glad I did. Each one has a different approach and I now have a rotation of therapists that I use, based upon my needs and their expertise. I urge you to try it because it has worked so well for me. I have been going to Sally since before she opened Therapie and would never, ever think of going somewhere else. Believe me, you will find other therapists at Therapie that are just as good as Sally if you only “keep an open mind” and try them.

(Deborah Harlig, 10/11/12)

A friend recommended Therapie to me for over a year to help in alleviating shoulder and neck pain that I have experienced for close to a decade. I finally took her advice after I realized that my mobility was being extremely compromised and I would soon have limited use of my left arm. It took me that long to understand I was worth it. After a few sessions with with the therapists at Therapie I have already begun to feel the freedom of movement I had before my injury. For years I have considered massage a luxury but now I think of it as part of a healthy lifestyle.

(Anonymous, 6/18/12)

I love this spa.. Sally is the best. I have had nothing but great service here!!

(Sherisa S., 5/13/12)

Esteban is a truly talented and focused therapist, extraordinarily humble considering his abilities! He worked on specifics in my body which have gone under-addressed with other bodyworkers and for years, using exactly the right amount of pressure and time in exactly exactly where it was most productive for my overall well being. He also does this amazing Aquastretch thing, which speaks for itself – it’s effective!

(Anonymous, 4/27/12)

Therapie is the closest place to heaven on earth I have found! I have seen several of the therapists there & have loved my experience each & every time. Sally & her staff are truly miracle workers. I’m not from Las Vegas but each time I visit, I’m sure to book an appointment because I’ve not been able to find anyone as good as them!

(Anonymous, 3/24/12)

I was referred to Sally folowing bilateral mastectomy with placement of expanders (first step towards reconstruction). I had developed “cording” under my left arm which was very painful. My entire chest was tight & stiff and I was experiencing limited range of motion. After my first session with Sally the improvements were amazing. I felt as though I could breath again!!! My range of motion was much improved and the pain level decreased to a very comfortable level. Sally is very knowledgable and enthusiastic to be able to provide treatments that are so beneficial. She has been a angel with magical hands. I can’t imagine what shape I’d be in if I had not had the fortune of her healing hands. She has truly made this experience much easier to deal with. Thank you so very much Sally!

(Anonymous, 12/28/11)

Today I had my first “breast massage”after a double mastectomy (Nov.) and expanders for immediate reconstruction. Before I went in I had limited mobility and the constant feeling of an elephant sitting on my chest. After the breast massage by Sally the simple task of getting dressed was easier. When I got in the car I noticed improved mobility to drive and the elephant on my chest was obviously taking a break. All I can say is “ahhhh!” Sally blushed when I called her a miracle worker, but Sally is not your traditional massage therapist she is one who is extremely caring, very excited about providing these treatments and thorough in her therapeutic methods. Sally also has a wealth of knowledge in the world of all types of massages. I am looking forward to the next one and I will be recommending her services.

(Bette G.S., 12/24/11)

I have known Sally for many years, and grateful for her healing touch! Extremely professional and gifted, she continues to search for new healing techniques in her practice. I have used Sally for a post breast augmentation “breast massage”. I would highly recommend anyone having this surgery to have at least one professional breast massage about 4 weeks after surgery. It made a huge difference in just one session that my doctor is now recommending it to his patients. She was able to help with stretching the muscle correctly for movement of the arms, also helping with the lymphatic build-up around the breast area. I left understanding more about my body and was able to practice the techniques she applied at home. Thank you again Sally for your amazing talents! SP, Las Vegas, NV

(Sandy P., 12/2/11)


1 year status post bilateral partial mastectomy and over a month of radiation landed me in world of pain, agony & pure frustration. Lymph nodes were removed resulting in swelling of my arm, only added to the multiple aches. I swear I tried what seemed like EVERYTHING. Lymphedema clinics, pain RX, baths in saltwater, compression sleeves, crying, begging, praying. My prayers for relief of pain and the healing began with my appointment at Therapie. Sally has healing hands, which are in high demand. My first breast massage loosened scar tissue and alleviated the pain in my shoulders, neck and chest. I immediately felt better, instantly scheduled my next appointment & left in awe. Second appointment went even better, the congestion in my chest and tension in my spine were subsided by Sally’s touch. I can’t say enough about the treatment I received. If you want relief, normality, and an overall sense of well-being from a true professional, in a facility which is clean, practical & uplifting I suggest you schedule your appointment today.

(Anonymous, 10/27/11)

The first time I came to Sally for her service, I walked in on crutches with a pain level of 8 (1-10, 10 being the worst), and that was after a full week of electrical stimulation from my Chiropractor! After 80 minutes, I walked out of her clinic on my own accord without the use of the crutches and the pain level was 4. After several more sessions, I was completely pain free. Sally is amazing! I highly recommend her to anyone. she’s the best!

Michael Z. 7/11/10

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