Introducing Jane Cox and Pink Ribbon Rehab

Introducing Jane Cox and Pink Ribbon Rehab

We’ve found another great resource for survivors wanting to strengthen their bodies following ‘The Spurgeon Method™’ treatments.

Introducing Jane Cox, Owner of Pink Ribbon Rehab.

From Jane

If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of the next 3 questions this is for you…..

1 – Do you have breast cancer or are you a breast cancer survivor?

2 – Do you know anyone who has breast cancer or is a breast cancer survivor?

3 – Do you know someone who knows someone who has breast cancer or is a breast cancer survivor?

I think all of us can answer with a resounding ‘yes’ because nearly 2 million new breast cancer cases were diagnosed in 2018 globally with breast cancer being the most frequently diagnosed cancer among women in 140 of 184 countries worldwide. 

Breast cancer survival rates are changing thanks to research in prevention, early detection, and treatment.  Recent advances in science and medicine include improvements in diagnosis, new operating procedures, progresses in radiation techniques, and approval of new therapies that target specific features of the cancer.  Rehabilitative exercise is an important part of returning to activities of daily living after cancer treatment.  Newer research has shown that exercise is not only safe and possible after cancer, but also immediately after diagnosis and during treatments.  The more than 80 studies looking at the effects of exercise on patients demonstrate that not only is the exercise safe, it also leads to significant improvements in day-to-day functioning, intensity and tolerance of symptoms, fitness, and overall health-related quality of life.

Did you know there is no formal rehabilitative program in the medical arena for patients, and survivors, of breast cancer who undergo surgery and/or reconstruction connected with breast cancer?

About Pink Ribbon Rehab

Pink Ribbon Rehab is a 6-week series of Pilates exercise sessions, featuring tailored movements designed to meet the needs and challenges of breast cancer survivors.  The Program’s overall goal is to enhance recovery and improve quality of life.

Exercise is an important part of breast cancer treatment and recovery.  Pink Ribbon Rehab helps stretch and strengthen shoulder, chest and back muscles, improving range of motion and increasing strength to the areas most affected by breast cancer surgery, treatment and reconstruction.

Expected benefits include:

  • Renewed strength/mobility to affected shoulder and arm
  • Stimulation of lymphatic drainage (to help prevent Lymphedema)
  • Improvement of functional ability
  • Assistance in posture restoration
  • Alleviation of pain and swelling
  • Relief of stress and anxiety

About Jane

At 16 years old I found a breast lump in my right breast and, with a long history of cancer in my family, faced surgery at a young age.  It was as that time that I decided to dedicate myself to serving and educating other’s in the health and wellness industry.  During the course of my 20-year Las Vegas corporate spa & wellness career I had several friends and family who were diagnosed with breast cancer.  Upon further research there was no rehab program to assist them in their physical recovery after surgery.  This initiated my quest to educate myself and bring a rehab program to women & men recovering from breast cancer surgery.

In 2007 I certified, and became the first, Cancer Exercise Specialist and Pink Ribbon Program Specialist in Nevada.  I brought this education to my two Pilates studios which focused primarily on rehabilitation, and were connected to, physical therapy offices.  I returned to corporate America for the next 13 years continuing to train clients in a private setting.  After becoming a first-time mom in 2018 my priorities changed.  I spent some beautiful time at home with my little girl before re-certifying as a Pink Ribbon Program Specialist in early 2020 to specialize specifically in breast cancer rehabilitation and the post-operative workout enhancing recovery.

I am also a Stott Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Meditation Instructor.  I love to laugh and thoroughly enjoy bringing a fun, well-rounded, individualized, heart-filled approach to all of my client’s workouts. 

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