Yoshi Nozaki

Yoshi Nozaki


Born and raised in Japan, Yoshi had many jobs and businesses before finding that he had an affinity for bodywork and becoming a massage therapist. He was trained in Japan in Shiatsu Therapy (manipulating flesh, muscles and pressure points along the Meridian Channels) and in the US in Western modalities (Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports massage, etc.).

Over time, Yoshi developed a fusion therapy which combines Eastern and Western techniques. This is a soothing yet, point specific modality which works well to heal the body. Yoshi has been a spa therapist, an independent therapist and an instructor.  He created a continuing education class named Meditative Meridian Swedish (MMS) to share his considerable experience and knowledge with others.

MMS is a combination of Swedish (more soothing), Deep Tissue (more intense) and Shiatsu (more point specific) . MMS releases blocked energy and restores depleted energy along the Meridian Channels (energy pathways) and Acupressure points.  This technique allows Yoshi to deliver a highly personalized massage for each unique client.

His goal is to provide deep relaxation while, at the same time, alleviating stress, aches and pains.