The name Lynn Van Norman is synonymous with the highest level of medical massage. Her heart’s focus is to relieve pain for those who are suffering.
Lynn’s sessions bring relief for acute pain from injuries, surgeries, and trauma.  Also, relief from swelling and enhanced joint mobility. Relief that immediately leads to a better quality of life.

Lynn has earned a reputation for friendly, honest, quality massage therapies. She specializes in coaxing your body back into balance with the Berry Method®.

Why the Berry Method®? Because it is so effective. Lynn amazes clients with how quickly their pain is relieved. Her techniques will rejuvenate your body and restore better health.

Lynn Van Norman’s expertise makes her a leader in medical massage. A licensed massage therapist, she is also a member of:

The Oregon Pain Society.
National Teaching Association.
Institute of Integral Health.

She continues research to stay up-to-date on the latest techniques. In a session with Lynn you will benefit from the best, most effective methods available.

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