Keirra Coffin

Keirra Coffin


While coping with her own high-risk pregnancy, Keirra’s OB talked her into getting a prenatal massage at the spa he worked with. That single session brought her so much relief, both physically and emotionally, that it completely changed her attitude towards her pregnancy. She was centered and grounded for the rest of her pregnancy and was able to go all the way to term with no further complications. She then had a fast and easy labor.

It was one of the most amazing experiences she had ever had.  Keirra felt she needed to help other women through their pregnancies – one of the most vulnerable times in their lives – and massage was the avenue she wanted to take to achieve just that.

When her daughter was 3 months old Keirra started her massage education with the Cortiva Institute. Before her daughter’s first birthday she graduated their professional program and started her career as a Licensed Massage Therapist.

A friend told Keirra about the amazing work being done at Thérapie and suggested she join the team as they were looking for a receptionist. Within 6 months she took on the role of Office Manager, saying, “I have absolutely fallen in love with this place. I have never had a job feel like “home” and never been so excited to come to work every day”.

Keirra has since taken additional training in Manual Lymphatic Drainage and The Spurgeon Method™. Her hope is to bring relief to women in all stages of life, whether it be puberty, pregnancy, labor, menopause, or illness. Her career focus and passion is for pre/peri/post-natal and labor massage. Teaching women how to love and care for their bodies in all of life’s stages and helping them be proactive in their own healthcare journeys to avoid more extreme medical concerns later in life has become her goal.