Jennifer Denman


Jennifer graduated from the Nevada Career Institute for Massage Therapy in 1998. Prior to becoming a massage therapist she worked as a medical assistant. In her career as a massage therapist she has had the pleasure of working with private clients, in a Chiropractic setting, and has also done chair massage.

Jennifer’s interest in breast massage developed as she helped her Mother in her fight against breast cancer.   

Before joining Thérapie, Jennifer was the Director of Massage at the Academy of Healing Arts in Las Vegas. She is very passionate about teaching and sharing her knowledge of massage. In her 10 years at the Academy she taught in the classroom for 7.5 years.  Throughout her time at the school she worked with various charities and non profit organizations teaching her students how important it is to give back through the gift of touch.

Jennifer is the co-creator of  ‘Breast Massage – The Spurgeon-Shulte Method©’ which she teaches to massage therapists and other health professionals to help women understand the importance of breast massage for breast health and to help others recover from breast surgery. 

While Jennifer has studied and taught many techniques, she is most passionate about Reiki, Chakra balancing, bodywork with essential oils, and helping her clients heal themselves by reconnecting mind, body and spirit.